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MBRWizard Suite
4.1 build 169
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July 4, 2015
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MBRWizard Suite 4.1

Fix, Protect, and Restore your Master Boot Record (MBR)

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Repair and Restore your MBR

Struggling with a Master Boot Record that's been corrupted by a virus or other malware? Are you experiencing difficulties booting your computer? Make sure you check out MBRWizard, the simple-to-use MBR repair and restore solution. Whether you are addressing problems caused by malware, dealing with the effects of disk-level imaging from products such as Symantec Ghost or Acronis Backup & Recovery, or experiencing boot problems caused by experimenting with Linux or dual-boot scenarios... MBRWizard is here to help.


Protect your Master Boot Record

For over a decade, MBRWizard has been a trusted solution to manage, protect, repair, and recover the Master Boot Record (MBR) on both PCs and Server class computers.  The MBR contains the vital information required to boot your computer and maintains the data structure of the hard disk... how are you safeguarding your critical data from failure or corruption?  What would happen if you weren't able to access your documents and pictures due to a lost partition? MBRWizard 4.1 is designed to protect these areas by backing up the critical disk sections before disaster strikes... and can help repair the most critical sections in case of failure or corruption.


Updated Graphical Version

MBRWizard offers a simple, user-friendly graphical interface version for our flagship product. With simple point-and-click navigation, an easy-to-use feature set, and basic wizard driven operations, primary tasks become straightforward for even novice users, while still helping to prevent accidental changes. With MBRWizard 4.1, even novice users will be able to quickly backup, restore, and repair the MBR, as well as solve other MBR related issues.

Cloud Backup

MBR Cloud Backup

The release of MBRWizard 4.1 brings the ability to backup the MBR directly to the Firesage Cloud. No longer will you worry about misplacing your backup files, or stress about losing the USB drive or other media on which they are stored. Simply select Cloud Backup inside MBRWizard, and your MBR data will be securely stored on our servers... safely away from any disaster than may happen in your environment.

Bootable Media

Bootable Media

MBRWizard Suite 4.1 also includes a download link to the MBRWizard bootable media, provided to help you work with a machine that is no longer bootable due to a corrupt or missing MBR. Also incorporated in version 4.1 are new utilities to help you build custom WinPE bootable media, with options to include additional files and custom drivers in the bootable environment. You will also find a simplified process for using MBRWizard CLI from Windows. Make sure you check out the Reference tab for more information.

Bootable Media

Wide Operating System Support

Whether you're running the latest Windows 10 operating system, or still haven't upgraded from Windows XP or Window 7, MBRWizard provides the options to help keep your MBR clean and your system up and running. Running Linux instead? Our bootable media provides the capability to backup, recover, or repair your Master Boot Record for any operating system.

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For more information...

We hope you found us before disaster strikes, in which case MBRWizard can help safeguard your system and hard drive configuration by capturing a backup of the MBR - before problems arise. However, if you reached us due to current problems with your system, make sure you check our reference guide to assist in identifying any problems and potential solutions.