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MBRWizard Suite

MBR Repair, Backup, and Management

How valuable are the many thousands of documents, pictures, and other files stored on that one terabyte hard drive? Disks with sizes larger than 2TB are becoming the norm, can you afford to lose your files if disaster were to strike?

Safeguarding data has become increasingly important in today's world of technology, especially considering the size and quantity of data we're now storing.

Did you know the MBR maintains the partition layout of the disk drive? If the MBR gets wiped or corrupted you can kiss your data goodbye. Make sure you check out MBRWizard, designed to protect and repair the Master Boot record (MBR) configuration of your disks, for both internal and removable flash drives.



Find and Restore Lost Disk Partitions

You just realized that a virus destroyed your main hard disk partition, and you can no longer access the documents, pictures, videos, and other files stored on your hard disk! Would you say that you've reached panic level 10 yet?

Whether a partition gets deleted due to a virus, accidentally formatted, or removed by a rogue application, the data on a missing partition isn't typically destroyed, it's just not accessible. RecoverMyPartition is a simple application designed to scan the hard disk, looking for signs that the partition still exists on the disk. Once found, we recover the partition information back to it's original state, and a quick reboot returns your partition and data.

Included with RecoverMyPartition is our MBR management application, MBRWizard. Did you know that the MBR maintains the partition layout on the disk? Don't risk data loss to a virus or other attacks on the MBR, make sure you capture a backup of the MBR before it's attacked... and certainly after any repair or modifications to keep your data safe!

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Custom WinPE Builder

Are you interested in building custom WinPE environments, but struggling with the slew of command scripts required to make it happen? Take a look at KAPE, designed with an easy-to-use graphical interface to make building WinPE iso files a snap!

From a single interface, KAPE helps you create, manage, and build your custom WinPE projects. Check out KAPE, a WinPE builder that greatly simplifies WinPE environments.



Bootable Flash Drive Builder

Tired of the lengthy process required to make WinPE or Windows 7 bootable USB drives? Are you looking for a way to boot your Windows 7 installation DVD or WinPE project from a USB flash drive? Since netbooks and other computers are typically delivered without a DVD drive, how do you install Windows?

Bootsage solves these problems by moving the Windows installation environment to USB media, providing a simple method to install or boot your Windows environment from a removable disk. Check out Bootsage, designed to automate the process of creating Windows 7 installation flash drives.



WinPE Network Configuration

If you have spent any time working in WinPE, you will understand that network management and configuration can be a real frustration. Check out fsNetter, providing simplified network configuration under WinPE, with a graphical user interface and a scripting engine to automate drive mapping and other options.

Designed to simplify the network configuration process under Windows PE, fsNetter helps to automate basic network settings such as individual NIC configuration, mapped drive letters, and IP configuration. With added encrypted password support, fsNetter will become a valuable utility in your WinPE toolbox.