MBRWizard Boot Builder

The MBRWizard Boot Builder is designed to create a customized bootable WinPE environment, from which the MBRWizard tools are available to a system that is otherwise unable to boot. The builder automatically includes both the GUI and CLI versions of MBRWizard, and provides options for including additional content in the ISO, such as backup files created by MBRWizard. Additionally, the builder provides options for injecting custom Windows drivers into WinPE, providing support for storage or network devices that aren't inherently supported by the standard build of WinPE.

In order to provide a bootable MBRWizard CD/DVD to help repair corrupt or unbootable systems, the Boot Builder requires a Microsoft component called the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK), which includes support for the Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE).

Please visit our WinPE page for more information on WinPE, and to obtain the latest versions of the WAIK.

Once the WAIK is installed and configured, the Boot Builder will assemble the required components and create the MBRWizard bootable WinPE ISO file. This ISO file can now be burned to CD/DVD media using any disc authoring software, such as ImgBurn or one of the many currently available products designed to burn removable media.