Legacy MBRWizard Downloads

This page contains the archive repository for legacy MBRWizard applications. Please note that the products available for download on this page are grossly outdated. We strongly recommend that you download the latest versions of MBRWizard, as these products have been discontinued, and we are unable to provide any support or other assistance with these versions. Furthermore, the CLI Reference on this site is valid for versions 3.x and above, and not for legacy versions of this product.

Warning: MBRWizard has been designed and developed to modify the MBR and partition structure on the hard disk. Incorrect use of this program can cause data loss or corrupt the configuration on your hard disks. Please make certain you understand what you are trying to accomplish with MBRWizard, and that all commands and parameters are correct before executing this program. We can not accept any liability for any damage caused by this program.

The following MBRWizard 1.x and 2.x versions each target a specific operating system, please select the desired version carefully. Any available documentation will be included with the application in the compressed download file.

Availability Platform Version Release Date Notes
Windows XP/PE/2003 2.0b November 15, 2005  
Windows 64 bit 2.0b November 15, 2005  
DOS/Win9x 2.0b November, 15, 2005 *WipeDisk functionality not included

Availability Platform Version Release Date
Windows XP/PE/2003 1.53 August 24, 2004
DOS/Win9x 1.52 November, 11, 2003
Linux 1.52 November 11, 2003